Best cat repellant?

There are a few stray cats in our neighborhood and they like to hide around our bushes and shrubs, but it drives our dogs crazy and so when they have to go potty if there is a cat outside we can't take them out because we know they'd run after the cat and we're not going to mess with what problems a stray cat could have. Is there anything we could be around our bushes and shrubs to repel the cats from hiding there?


I'm not sure you can do anything but cleaning.. since it didn't work, try taking the printer for service, however chances are they'll ask you as much money to fix it as it would cost you to buy a new one.. (unless you have a really expensive ptinter with good service coverage)
The submersible pump is the best bet for your situation, but I'll mention other possibilities. Instead of reading the instructions that come with the air pump, or listening to people who answer your question from experience, you seem to just be wanting someone to tell you what you want to hear not the truth. The farther you put the pump from the tank, using airline tubing, the less air reaches the aquarium and the more back pressure you have inside the pump against its moving parts. /acatalog/copy_ The Ario 4 above would provide lots of air to your 120litre aquarium. All submersible air pumps are perfectly silent outside the aquarium However if you put your hand or ear on the outside of the aquarium you will feel vibration caused by the water absorbing all that sound. So your fish are hearing it instead of you. It might interfere with the breeding of some fish that use auditory signals to spawn like catfish and loaches. To put a regular air pump in another room, you have to use PVC and threaded valves. Otherwise the back pressure will destroy the pump quickly and increasing the size of the air pump, say from a Tetratec APS 150 to a 300 will only temporarily provide enough air for your tank. The rubber parts inside the pump will rupture, split open, and the pump will have to be rebuilt. If you are allowed to make a small hole in the plasterboard wall and the pump can sit on a shelf on the other side of the wall the fish tank is on, you can run a short length of airline tubing through the wall. The layout and usage of the rooms involved can affect whether these methods can be used. It is not safe to enclose an air pump inside egg crate or wrap it in blankets. It will start a fire as sure as trying to boil a pot of gasoline on the grill.

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