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Best vacuum for high pile carpet?

I have a high pile cut carpet. When I put a dime on the carpet the carpet is a little over the dime. I just bought a dyson and it seems to fray the edges of the carpet. Im trying to find a vacuum that has great suction but wont ruin my carpet. If you have a short shag Carpet what kind of vacuum do you use?andDoes anyone recomend a vacuum for my kind of carpet?thank you so much!!


I've always found that a vacuum that has a beater bar will do the trick and it doesn't really matter which brand.
consider the fact that glass is made of sand....if you get sand in your carpet, you literally have glass in your carpet. I sold vacuums for a while and went to someone's house to do a demo. They did not even own a vacuum, and hadn't vacuumed their carpet since installing it...they were just using a carpet flicker type of device.....when I did the demo and showed them what was coming out of their carpet it was shedding, so to speak. The grit was cutting the fibers of the carpet from the pressure of them walking on it.
High Pile Carpet
Try using the wand with the floor attachment instead of the beater on the vacuum. (The bristles of the beater bar along with the high suction could fray the pile.) The wand of the Dyson seems to produce less suction force and shouldn't pull on the fibers as much. I'd suggest a vacuum that gives you more choice about the amount of suction -- something more than High/Low and Carpet/Smooth. I switched from a Dyson to a Miele a while ago because I have different pile levels, and wood and stone flooring. Always seemed like the Dyson was too strong or not strong enough. The Miele has like 5-6 settings plus variable beater bar height and strength. It uses bags (which I don't mind) so if you want a bagless, try one that that gives you more control options.
IF the Dyson has a height adjustment, try moving that up. You might be trying to run it on too low a setting and the beater bar is really beating the heck out of the carpet. I have different thicknesses of carpet (shorter in high traffic areas and more plush in other rooms) and I adjust this setting as I go from room to room. If the Dyson doesn't have a height adjustment, then I'd look for a unit that does. I'd try looking at the Bissell Healthy Home. It's 1/2 the price of the Dyson, has very similar filtering technology and has the height adjustment. 5 year warranty too! I've had the Healthy Home for over 2 years now and I really like it. We have a lot of pets (3 dogs and 4 cats) and it does great with the pet hair. And it does get used a lot, especially when everyone four footed is shedding! Right now with spring coming, it's run at least every other day. And one little tip for ya! Uprights don't do bare floors well; it's just the nature of the beast. But Sears sells a generic bare floor brush that will fit right on the pipes or wand on the Bissell so you can do your bare floors much better. It's about $13.

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