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bridge saw product comparison help and advice?

i need to buy a bridge saw, and i would like some feedback from someone who has used any of these saws(over all quality, how easy they are to use, accuracy etc.)imer bridge sawruby bridge sawraimondi bridge sawfelker bridge sawi dont have the ability to go and see the saws for myself.so i have to buy them online and im relying on feedback to see which one is the best-please note most of the tile work i do is with 24, 36, and 48 inch tilethanks in advanceany and all comments are appriciated.


I bought an Imer 250 and really like the cuts this machine makesIt bevels from a 90 to 45 degrees and can set it for any degree in betweenWhen doing a 45 i do need to do a scoring cut at 90 degrees first when cutting softer stone like travertineThis model will cut up to a 32 inch tileQuiet motor and low vibrationI had no problem cutting a bunch of 5/8 rips 12 inches long of marble to use as part of a decorative strip around a bathroomThe only drawback that I can think of is there wouldn't be enough room in the blade guard for a bull nose cutting blade on the model I haveOtherwise I am very happy with the way it works.

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