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Bridging network connection knocks out my internet on both my PC and XBOXWHY?

Hey i am experiencing major problems and frustration with network bridge, i am running around a 2000 Windows desktop and trying to bridge the wireless VIA lan to my 360, when i connect my 360, says my wireless and lan are connectedSays i have a 100% signal for my wireless and i can use the internet fineWhen i bridge my connections it blocks my wireless connection for some reason and i cant use my xbox or computers interneteven though it says im still connected to the internetIm not sure if this is a problem with windows or whatbut when i bridge my connections, it knocks out my internet completelyhelp?NOTE: I have tried all the tutorials and i understand how to do this completely, but there is just something wrong and i don't know what it is.


If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, youare trying to set up a system like this InternetmodemWireless Router PC wireless cardbridgePC LAN Card Xbox The problem is that a software bridge is not a routerSo you have two machines (the PC and the Xbox) trying to share one IP address from the routerYou can't do that and the system crashes You can check in Windows help and see if you have ICS (Internet connection Sharing by searching ICSGiven the age you state the machine is, I don't think you doBut if you have it, then give it a whirlBut I suspect that even if it works, it will be too slow for gamingWhat you need to do is get a wireless adapter for the Xbox and connect wirelessly to the routerI know it costs, but that's the way to goGood Luck

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