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Buildings on a Ranch?

Hey everyoneDoe anyone know what buildings would be on a moderate to small sized ranch in the American west?Like house, stable, barn, etc?What buildings, and what would each building's purpose be??Cheers,


If you are talking about a simple Ranch (just raising animals and not crops) then you might find a house (for the rancher and family to live in) and a barn (used for feed storage)You could also find a Silo (used for feed storage), a shop (used for storing tools and an inside/sheltered workplace it is also used for storing stuff as most farmers are sort of packrats because You never know when that _ might either be used or come in handy), sheds (used for vehicle and or equipment storage.) If they also raise crops then there will be some heavy equipment around the farmSome might be stored in sheds and some might be stored outsideAn elevator could be used for grain storage.

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