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Call of Duty: Black Ops - What are you actually meant to be doing in Five Zombies mode?

What's the objective in the quot;Fivequot; level of ZombiesDo you just have to keep increasing the defcon level? When you get into the elevator, it takes you to all the laboratories and there are lots of teleports, what are they for? Where are you meant to be going/doing exactly? Also what's with those scientists who run up to you then teleport you somewhere minus your weapons and ammo?! Thanks!! :)


The second Black Ops Zombies level is Five and becomes available after you beat the single-player campaignThe creative idea behind this level is fantastic; you play as either John FKennedy, Ricard Nixon, Fidel Castro or Robert McNamara in a bid to defend three floors of the PentagonAs with Kino der Toten you'll need to turn on the power to gain access to the cool features and perks on this mapThis is accomplished by clearing the debris (1,750 points) and the riding the elevator on the first floor (another 250 points) down to the War RoomYou'll next make your way to the War Room by clearing more debris (2,000 points) and riding the elevator there (250 points) down to the basementYou'll find the power switch after moving northeast out of the elevator in this bottom floorReaching the Pack-A-Punch machine in Five requires the Def Con level hitting 5This is accomplished by hitting the four Def Con switches located in the middle War Room levelOnce all four are activated, all teleporters in Five will point towards a briefing room that houses the Pack-A-Punch machine (there's a teleporter right in the middle of the War Room to use)You'll know all four switches were hit as a small floating icon of the Pack-A-Punch will appear in the teleportersThere's annoying white-haired guy that comes out after turning around the power in Five called the TechHe's a scientist who steals weapons from players one by one with a simple touchTo defeat the Tech once-and-for-all, you'll want to aim for his head, attack him with two weapons fully loaded, plant as many claymore mines in his path as possible and always keep firing at him as much as possibleHe spawns from a doorway near where the power switch is so locate the doorway and plant your claymores down the hallway away from itAnother neat note about Five is a weapon exclusive to the map called Winter's BreathThis random weapon that appears in the Mystery Box can freeze zombies in their tracks.

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