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Can I lock my laptop keyboard?

Can I lock my laptop keyboard? My unit is IBM ThinkPad. I do not know if my keyboard can be locked so that if I leave it, no one can use it or to prevent from pressing down keys. I place my notebook on the keyboard so that while I search from the laptop, the notebook I placed will not affect the keyboard because even the keys are pressed, there will be no reaction because the keyboard is locked. Please help! Can I lock my laptop keyboard IBM ThinkPad?


i don't think so. you could go to help and support, and ask, but i doubt it. refrain from writing on your keyboard. there are certain sensors in the computer and your laptop will become corrupt if you accidently destroy one of the sensors.
Sometimes the computer just freezes, like it got a brain freeze or something. it won't answer to anything, it won't back-up. nothing. You can try the Control/Alt/Delete. and then turn of if it prompts or re-boot. Or sometime you just have to shut it down and bring it back up. I really don't think it's your keyboard, but rather a computer freeze. I am not that comuter savy, but when it freezes on me that is what I have to do. It may help your situation, it may not, but try it what have you got to lose.? '

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