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can i put bigger springs on 04 malibu toraise the car 2inches?

my car scrapes when comeing off speed bumps exits of malls gas stations etc


first alert fire alarm with a 10 year sealed batery works pretty good. I've always had problems with smoke alarms going off while cooking but when we got these they don't. Also you don't have to change the battery out ever 6 months. You got 10 years before having to change them. Well good luck and don't know where you are from but you can get them from walmart. Check walmart online if you don't have a walmart in your area. P.S. don't take the alarms out of the kitchen most house fires start in the kitchen. I've never seen a house without alarms in the kitchen.
look for 2 screws inside on both sides-see if they loose(some models)or look for broken/worn parts that hold it together-buy new one
You have your smoke detector too close to the kitchen. Move it to the hall and it will take care of your problem.
move the smoke detector out of the kitchen. Try to keep the inside of your oven fairly clean or it won't matter where you put it.
A smoke alarm should be centrally located in the floor that it is on. Usually , this is not directly in the kitchen.If you call your local firehouse,explain your problem, I'm sure they will give you better advice than any of us can. They would rather help you now, than to come to a fire at your house. P.S. maybe you should brush up on your cooking skills and check to see if you have any spills on your oven floor.

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