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Can I really be immune to parking tickets?

Let's just say theoretically I do the following:Drive my motorcycle and park it where I feel like it.Take the license plate off every time and carry it with me.Scratch off the VIN number.Attach a Denver Boot to each wheel.Now how would I get a ticket?Also how would I get towed? Unless they actually picked up the motorcycle and loaded it onto a truckIn that case would I be immune if I used a car instead? (You can't pick up a car and put it in a truck).


Lets just say theoretically you're a Darwin award exampleNothing you ask about will work against determined meter maid- you may end up in jail for trying some of itas for car being safe- 'can't pickup car and put in truck' - you haven't seen a tow crane truck in action, around here they are often called out for cars in ditches and wedged in alleys- crane picks car up directly and lifts it straight into air then turns to place it on flatbed.

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