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Can I Upgrade My Laptop?

I understand some laptops can have have graphics cards upgraded and some cant but I want my computer to run games like bioshock infinite, skyrim, and fallout better. My laptop is a HP ENVY m6 Entertainment PC. If I can't upgrade it, is there anything I could do to make games run better or crash less frequently?


Laptops are constrained in what you could improve in them, yet no longer overly so. I surely have so far: Upgraded my CPU to a t9300 Upgraded my show screen to a 1920 x 1200 res show screen Upgraded my RAM to Kingston 4-4-4-12 latency RAM Upgraded my annoying Drives and could quickly improve them lower back to a 128gb SSD and a 400gig 2 platter 7200rpm tension (yet i'm going to lose raid 0) So yeah you could improve extremely some issues on a workstation, yet you're constrained in issues like photographs enjoying cards and what no longer. yet actually in the failings which you do improve the photographs card is in regards to the only situation that cant be upgraded. no person ever fairly advancements 56k modems ot USB ports very often as its exceptionally usless. And sure the dv9500 would properly be upgraded, its no longer terribally confusing to take them aside to get to the best componets

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