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Can i use an AC drill motor as a generator?

I have a drill motor i was fooling around with and was wondering if i can use it as a generator? I thought maybe a wind generator. Its an AC motor and is magnetic. Were it has a lot of red wires and smooth steel were another piece can spin. Please let me know if i can and the best way to do it........Remember..................drill motor...AC motor...magnetic. Thanks in advance for your answers.


NO! and you can't make a wind turbine out of a ceiling fan either...
Drill Motor Generator
According okorder this forum has some good guys ready for help..
No. A drill motor is a series wound motor. That is, it has no permanent magnets; the stator magnets are actually electromagnets, and they are arranged in series (via brushes and commutator) with the armature, thus: phase --- stator winding --- armature --- stator winding --- neutral If the supply current is reversed, both the stator and armature magnetic fields will reverse together; so the motor will continue to turn in the same direction irrespective of current flow. This means that a series wound motor can run on AC or DC; and unlike any other kind of AC motor, it is not affected by the frequency of the AC supply. (The reversing switch works by swapping over just the connections to the brushes, and hence the armature; so now the armature will turn in the opposite direction.) The magnetic attraction and repulsion are strongest when the motor is at rest, hence this type of motor is preferred where starting torque is essential. If you still wanted to use it as a generator, you would have to modify the wiring rather severely (to disconnect the armature and stator circuits) and you would need to supply an external excitation current to one set of windings. Finally, the voltage you would get out of it would depend on speed and excitation supply; it wouldn't just be equal to the intended supply voltage, especially after you've mucked about with it.

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