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Can I use my air conditioner or not?

My furnace has a crack in the heat exchanger, therefore, the gas is shut off to the furnace. 1 company told me I cannot use my a/c until the furnace is fixed because they share the blower and it will kill my a/c if I do. Another company told me that some companies will let you think that so that you will hurry and replace the furnace. He said it is perfectly fine to use my a/c because no gas is going to the furnace. Which one is accurate?? Can I use my a/c or should I leave it alone until I'm able to replace my furnace??? Please help!!


The gas heat exchanger has nothing to do with the AC. AC has its own heat exchanger. OK to use the AC. Somebody was trying to make a quick sale.
There are two separate heat exchange systems in a typical furnace/central air combination unit, but just one blower fan and one air path moving air over through one exchanger and then through the other. It should be fine to continue to use the AC system, however, please note that depending upon the size of the crack, you will lose some AC air to the unconditioned space through the crack. Regardless, it will not damage your AC system in any way. You have several months to shop around for a good replacement unit for the furnace!

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