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can ironing the rug kill fleas and eggs?

We are having trouble with fleas right now in our home. We tried borax already and it did not work. I also heard Hartz product doesn't do anything.Right now i'm thinking of ironing the rug. will it kill them?


Throw rug or a huge rug or wall-to-wall carpet? Ironing a rug may melt the fibers if it is a polyester fiber rug or carpet. I do not think that the iron with produce enough heat to reach the base of the rug fibers. IOW, not a good idea. What the linked sites recommend is steam cleaning, even a professional steam cleaning. Be sure to let the professional know your rugs have a flea infestation. The cost might be a couple hundred for a professional steam cleaning, but that is worth the cost to be rid of fleas . If you have small rugs you can run them through the a hot washer load, and depending on fabric, a dryer.
Aug 23, 2017

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