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Can someone tell me a reference to the &Road to Mandalay&?

I mean the spiritual meaning. I know that it's also a poem by Rudyard Kipling! :-)


YES! PREVENT!! Increase your following distance, drive slower, tap your brake early and lightly to warn those behind you BEFORE you begin slowing down GENTLY. Check your speed BEFORE turning to ensure a safe speed.. Don't brake or accelerate much when you turn except when encountering an up or down hill, or from a Stop. Check your rear view mirror often and whenever you touch your brake. Scan intersections as you approach them. Vehicles may skid into the intersection on a slippery road.
Get a fondant roller, if you don't already have one. A smoother is also highly recommended. Cover each tier by itself, then stack. If you have a steamer, such as one for laundry, those are perfect for achieving that shiny look. Using pre-made fondant is just fine; I personally like to use my own. When covering each tier, smooth out the fondant, then use a pizza cutter to cut off the excess. Use some frosting to glue the tiers together.

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