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can the coils on an inductor overlap?

im building an inductor from an iron rod and some wire. the problem im having is that i cannot fit enough turns on the rod to get the results i require. will it still work if i layer the coils?


yes, you can wind multi-layer coils
Capacitors and inductors in the circuit will make the viberations at desired frequency to flow at lower resistance than other (undesired) vibrations. Thus reducing the noises in reception. Variable capacitors are best to fine tune your stations. However the added circuitry will mean more power requirement which defies use of the term 'Simple Radio'
Yes. It's best to wind the turns evenly, that is, neatly. The wire MUST be insulated, and not even one turn must be allowed to touch another without the insulation intact. Enamelled copper wire is what you need, and it must be of a size that can carry the current you intend to use.

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