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Can you cut a rug????????

theres a rug on ikea im interested in its 195 by 150 however the space i need to fill is 131 by 82 can i cut the rug and fit it into the area will it fray ? from the HEMNES range


All rugs are usually stretched onto a tack strip when they are installled and will stay. If you have questions about this talk to a carpet installer.
Aug 23, 2017
You mark and cut the rug from the backside. Use a razor-knifem or drywall knife which is razor sharp. It won't fray if the rug is fitted tight against the wall. You can just cut it and leave it or you can put a glue on it like carpenters white glue and let it dry out. It dries clear. Make sure all your cuts are complete, including the pink carpet material.
Aug 23, 2017

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