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can you guys help m out a bit?

NOT asking to do it for mejust some ideas and info i can use and maybe where to find it??Describe the influence and use of modern technologies in the arts of the late 20th and early 21st centuryHow have artists transformed these quot;toolsquot; into viable art-making processes? Use examples to support your essay(at least 250 words)


I'll give you some tool ideas: 1Arc Welding Torches (welding steel pieces together to form art statues in front of buildings and stuff.) 2Cranes (lifting heavy objects and piecing them together)3Plastic Molding 4Spray Paint Guns 5Sand Blasting 6Computer Graphics 7Farm Equipment (farmers use their farm equipment to flatten areas to make Crop Circle Art) 8Art Cars (There's an Art Car Museum in Houston, TX.) All of these are modern tech tools used to create art

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