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can you put a whammy bar on any style of bridge?

such as a locking roller bridge?also do you know, good in quality as well as sound, brands?


No the bridge has to be able to pivotThere are a lot of good makes out thereI have a Wilkinson, it's aceIt doesn't have a lot of travel but i only want to do subtle embellishments anyway not any serious dive bombingUnless your bridge will all ready take a trem then you will likely have to get the bridge and trem in oneCheck if there is a hole in the bridge, some trem's snap-in, some screw-inYou need to have tension springs built inside the back of the guitarIf there is a removable back plate have a look insideLocking machine heads are a must for keeping tune when using the trem, a graphite nut also helps, or you can grind some pencil lead and put it in the nut grooves, this helps reduce friction and helps tuning with or without a tremIt might be pricey if you don't allready have springs fitted and may not be worth itBest take yer axe to a tech for adviseRock on!

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