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Car crusher bought my brother's stolen car without asking for I.D More explanation in details?

My brother's car was stolen yesterday at 10AM The guy who stole it told the cops he dropped it off at the park- it wasn't there And this guy has 47 criminal charges.We called around and finally found that the crusher sold it to a man for $300 We're pretty sure who this guy is, but don't want to jump to conclusions.Problem is, the crusher didn't ask for I.D And didn't make the guy sign for it. So we have no proof that it was that certain guy.Isn't it illegal for a place like that to buy a car that way?We found the car, and the guy would only let us have it if we wrote an I.O.U for the $300 He said if we didn't he'd crush it today So now we have the keys and the title back.My mother and brother are at the police station right now, but nobody wants to do anything The cops want us to just pay the crusher the $300 and forget this ever happened We're poor! We can't afford to just throw away that money, we don't even have it! Opinions? Facts? What to do's?


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I'm afraid pushing on it makes it worse! Been there. You have to lessen the clog. Work from the bottom and the top to pull apart the clog. I fashioned a clothes hook from a wire coat hanger onto a broom handle and began picking at the clog by running along the side of the shoot and trying to snag the top clothes item (or bottom item if working from the bottom) Once undone the rule of the house is one item at a time, no bundles
You can buy clear plastic face shields from a hardware store, for about 15-20 bucks. At a minimum you MUST wear ANSI rated safety glasses! These can also be bought at just about any hardware store.you can also get them at auto parts stores. If you don't wear eye protectionyou are an idiot an you're asking to lose an eye. Don't screw around with homemade improvised eye protection. I've been hit dead-on on my glasses several times. In other words, if i didn't have glasses I'd be looking at some major eye surgery. When you poke your head up above an obstacle, that's the first thing people aim at.

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