Carpet Question?

I have to enlarge a raised hearth into a living room. It is already a 12quot; wide x 57quot; rectangle, 8quot; high, into the room with the carpet stretched to tack strip to the old design. I have to make it 10quot; wider into the room to meet code for the fireplace. How should I cut the carpet so that it can be stretched to the new design? My instinct is to draw out the new design, plus the tile dimension, onto the carpet and razor cut along that pattern. Is this correct, or does anyone have a better suggestion? Thank you.


how long is the project going to take? if it is just going to be a few days and you plan on someone getting a stretcher and stretching the carpet back in the new place,I would just pull all the carpet back from one side of the wall,where the herth is, and then put it in and let the carpet guys go from there.... they will also have to take up the old tackwood and put new around the hearth so that would make it a lot easir for them...... if for some reason,like the room is to odd shaped you can't do it like that just allow a couple inches in from the measurements of the new hearth on the carpet and rough cut it...........

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