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Carpet Removal & Installation for Cheap.?

I am looking for someone to pull the glue down carpet I have on my concrete basement floor off. Also, would install new carpet in for a reasonable price. I will buy all the materials needed. I just need someone to remove and install it. I live in the Piedmont Triad area in North Caroline. Please help.


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Removing glue-down or any carpet does not require any special skill, only some amount of strength and the proper tools. You will need a good utility knife with a couple of packs of sturdy replacement blades. You can use the knife to cut thru the carpet, making it into approx 3x3' or 4x4' sections. Then just start pulling the carpet up. Cut one section at a time, remove it then proceed to the next. If any foam is left stuck to the floor, you only need to remove the thick sections. A small amount can be left stuck to the floor since the new carpet and pad, will cover this. You can use a stiff 3-4 wide putty knife to scrape off the foam that's left behind or rent or buy a scraping tool, on a long pole to do the job. I have done it with just a putty knife. Then get some estimates for new carpet and installation. Home D and Lowes offer almost free install.

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