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Cat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner...?

I know that most cats are afraid of the vacuum cleaner, but when we vacuum our adult cat will hide for hours on end. We have dark carpet so we vacuum almost every other day. It took him 4 hours to come out from behind our table, and when I coaxed him to me, he just sat frozen next to me and stared at the vacuum that was across the room. He was literally shivering at the sight of it. When I went to put it away, he went back under the table. I cannot get him to come back out. I've tried leaving him in another room while I vacuum, but he knows how to open doors and hates being shut up in our room or the bathroom. Last time I tried, he opened the bathroom door and then bolted under the table. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I have to vacuum frequently, but I feel guilty when I do because he is so afraid. We have had him for about 2 weeks and are still trying to figure him out. Is this normal cat behavior, or are most cats simply bothered by vacuums?


Maybe one of your own radio stations will have it or you could email Warren Eckstein your question on his website. He is pretty good. Good luck with your problem. I know that they sure do hate those vacuum cleaners.
Cats hear at a higher scale then humans do so he probably hears stuff that you can't (like, nerve wrecking stuff). My cats have adjusted to having things vaccumed since they've been living with it for 12 years now--they just get up on something high (where we don't vacuum) or at least off the floor like a chair or bed and sit up there quite relaxed. We never tease them with the vaccum, we just get the floors done as quickly as possible. You've only had your guy for 2 weeks so this is probably something quite new (and noisy) for him. He'll get used to it but don't tease him with the vacuum ever, and just reassure him quietly as you vacuum. Even our skiddish male has grown so blase about the vacuum.
It's skittish my brothers cats will run even if your leg twitches . I don't know if there a coat you can get him like they have a thunder jacket for dogs. Leave the vacuum out one day and let him sniff it. Since you haven't had him long he could still be getting use to everything.
What cat isn't fearful of the vacuum cleanser? i like the different Answerer who suggested to place him in a room with the door closed in case you're vacuuming. this might save him from hurting himself. you do not might desire to get him to love the vacuum. possibly you could positioned him in a cage in a separate room in case you're vacuuming if yo are fearful of him attempting to break for the period of the window lower back. I actually have a stupid cat that I might desire to put in a cage together as i'm washing drying my chickens' eggs b/c he will attempt to place on them he will finally end up knocking them off the counter.
Two weeks isn't long enough for him to get used to the new sites and sounds. Let him hide where ever he wants when you vacuum. Let him come out in his own time, but talk to him and let him know you are there for him. Patience is very important, it may take a year, or he may never get used to the loud sound. Do your normal activities and don't be quiet, this might help him get used to normal everyday things going on in your home.

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