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Cat urine under carpet?

My cat got sick a year ago and repeatedly urinated in a corner of a room. The cat is now gone, but I still can smell it sometimes, especially when it's humid. I've shampooed the area probably 15 times and used various enzyme shampoos, treatments. I don't have the money to replace the carpet. I am assuming that the urine is on the pad and flooring. How do I go about cleaning the flooring underneath and replacing the pad, etc. Should I clean the underside of the carpet or just lay in a spare piece?


i'm unsure something is gonna paintings great yet i could attempt an enzyme purifier (you will get it out of your vet) and then jointly because it is nonetheless damp positioned a thick layer of baking soda on it and enable it dry thoroughly (an afternoon or 2) and then vacuum. The carpet ought to act like a wick and draw each and every of the moisture up. The brisker a urine stain is the better it incredibly is to do away with the smell. optimistically the urine did no longer soak into the sub flooring. If that occurred the only factor it extremely is gonna do away with the smell is changing the carpet, pad and the sub floor. perfect of success!!
I am providing a link to several inexpensive and quick methods to eliminate the odor. Vinegar and water is what I have used. You soak the area, and then use towels to mop up after the recommended time period. Enzymes take time to work, so often one doesn't allow the time necessary. It can take several weeks, which is why they often have an orange scent, since cats hate that scent and stay away from that area while the enzymes work. If it gets into the flooring, you really have to seal the flooring with something like Kilz, so try soaking the area first, and that may solve the problem enough for you to get by.
Your so right the pee is in the pad and wood under the rug and if you can put some white vinegar and arm +hammer baking soda in a mix it will help and get the first and second layer done then do the same on the pad and carpet' sopping wet and let i stay 3 hours then get some news paper and dry it out and get the rotten carpet and padding out if it still smells real bad. Never just cover and forget it as it only will come out 10 times more stronger.
The enzymes in cat urine are so strong that you will never be able to get the smell out of the carpet or pading. The carpet and padding MUST be replaced where he urinated and the floor underneath either needs to be stripped if its wood or bleached if it is concrete. That is the only way to fix the problem. YOU CANNOT WASH IT OUT OF THE CARPET OR SCRUB IT OUT, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. The enzymes from the urine bond to whatever fabric they absorb into. I have owned cats and I know this for a fact.
Urine can soak through the carpet, down into the pad and subfloor, so surface treatments don't help. Try an enzyme cleaner, such as Nature's Miracle, and use a whole lot of it so that it soaks all the way down to where the urine odor is. If that doesn't work, you may have to cut out that corner of carpet and pad, clean the subfloor (soak with an enzyme cleaner, let dry, and then paint with a sealer), and then have a carpet layer install a new piece of pad and carpeting.

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