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Ceramic Heaters.?

Okay so I asked a question about Propane earlier, and now we‘ve decided to go with a ceramic heater. If you‘ve heard anything about Ceramic Heaters, let me know. How efficiant?Good idea?Bad idea?I‘ve heard that they‘re the safest, most efficiant way to heat a family room??1500w, in a 20x18ft roomBrick houseWe live in Michigan


the most efficient space heaters are the oil filled ones because after you turn them off they are still giving up heat. fan forced heaters cost alot. It's like putting a fan near a toaster.
They are ok, all electrical heaters are pretty much 100% efficient. About the only conversion of energy that is nearly always close to 100% - conversion to heat! Gas not as efficient unless a flueless design as a lot of the heat escapes up a chimney / flue / vent. Gas however is usually much cheaper than electricity so can be cheaper -even though not as efficient. For heating a large room, you might want to think about storage heaters if you can get a night time tarriff - works out much cheaper than using power during the day as a rule. As far as heaters go, ceramic are fine - depends on style / design and personal chioce as much as anything else.
Having electric heat is like putting gas in a HUMMER - expensive. Works great, but if you've got the money to burn on electricity save it up and go with gas heat.

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