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ceramic braces help?please!?

For anyone who had ceramic braces did you like them?im 16 and im going to get ceramic braces for an overbite. the dentist said ill have to wear them 18-24 months. i dont want to get metal braces so im going with the ceramic.do people notice them ?does it hurt when they put them on?did you like them?how long did it take for you to start eating solid food again?what cant you eat?plaese help share your experience with braces ) thank you im going to get them in a week


y dnt u let a professional do it for u,that way u would not be worry
Alright, a bit bratty, however I can see in which your coming from. I'm 14 and that is my moment set of braces, however it is SO valued at it. I've noticeable a ton of my peers get theirs off and so they all appear so excellent- it rather is valued at it. Why no longer check out Invisalign (or is that extra high-priced, sorry, I don’t understand)? But subsequently, you rather must get braces; I are not able to strain how so much it is valued at it subsequently. Also, speak for your orthodontist. Maybe you’ll get them off through senior yr. It is dependent upon how dangerous your tooth are. Mine had been horrible, I’ll have braces till my sophomore yr, and I began in third grade [
I'm 16 as well and I got ceramic braces last summer. I like them. Of course people will see them up close but from far away they won't and in pictures they are a lot less noticeable. It did not hurt when I was actually getting them but it did hurt afterwards just like any braces do. But after a few days your teeth will feel better. I eat pretty much anything but I wouldn't bite into a whole apple. But the bands can turn yellow since they are clear, so brush your teeth after eating so they won't get that yellow. Soups, sauces, and colored drinks can cause the bands to change color.
I wouldnt suggest ceramic braces, although you may think they are all good that you cant realy see them at first you have to watch out with everything you eat drink. My friend had ceramic ones and she regrets not having metal ones because she cant eat anything, my other friend who got them also regrets them because hers are yellow now, she ate some chicken 2 minute noodles they are stained forever! So untill she gets them off she has to put up with the braces making her teeth look realy dirty. I found braces called Damon Braces on the internet one day, they are ALOT smaller than regular metal braces you can even get ones that are half clear so you are still going with your clear braces idea. Look them up on google google images to see the difference between them other braces, also the Damon braces are less painfull the treatment time is shorter than the other braces. I have them I am greatfull i got them! Or you can even get the braces put on the inside of your teeth so nobody can see them, Also if you have alot of money there are braces called Insivalign, they are a clear removable mold of your teeth. Look them up on google as well. Hope i helped, ByeBye

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