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Ceramics / arts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANSWER NOW IF U ARE SMART PLEASE?

1.) How come objects made of clay, as opposes to other material, are so important to archaeologist.2.) What type of archaeological site do a large portion of ancient ceramics come from?3.) Explain one theory as to how first pottery might have come from the use of cooking baskets?4.) During what cultural time period was potter first discovered?Please answer nicely.We were hoping for you.We are 5 grader and need your help


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What he said but: 1. They last a long time, each culture decorated them differently. 2. Areas that have not been disturbed or robbed by other cultured or vandals. 3.It can withstand heat. Both direct heat (putting it in the fire) and indirect heat (putting hot rocks in it) 4. It varies somewhat with new discoveries. I think the earliest came from Asia and Egypt. Egypt came up with glazing (sand melted on their pottery to seal in water.
1. Because they are robust and survive very well, unlike organic objects such as bone and wood. Ceramics are also human-made and reflect the technology, economy and style of the manufacturers which can differ a lot. This gives archaeologists a means to recognise changes in style and technology and then identify different societies and/or time periods. This was very important especially before the advent of radiocarbon dating, as changes in pottery typology was (and often still is) one of the main ways in which archaeologists recognise changes over time. 2. Ancient ceramics come from both settlement and cemetery sites, often cemetery pottery is better preserved, but there is generally a wider range of wares and types found in settlements. 3. I don't really get what this question is asking, not sure what you mean by cooking baskets? 4. The Neolithic period. Dates vary from place to place and often this period is split between the aceramic Neolithic (before pottery) and the ceramic Neolithic. Hope this helps.

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