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Ceramics Help.How would i do this.?

I‘m making a sign that hangs on a door. So it‘s doing to have a circular hook.Imagine a rectangle and a half circle on top so the sign can hang. I already made the rectangle part but I‘m having trouble making the hook. How would I be able to do this?(This is my first time using ceramics) I tried making the shape and putting it on and adding more clay to make it look like one whole piece but it just broke off. :/ What should I do?


You were supposed to make the whole thing at one time. if I already made the rectangle part means you fired it or dried it out completely in anticipation of firing then you have to fire the curved part and glue it on. If not fired and not totally dry, then you apparently can affix them together by making a clay slip with paper mixed in which acts as a better glue than just scratching the surfaces and using clay slip which is discussed in every pottery book I have seen.
I would suggest to make the part which hangs on the door not out of clay. If you still can easily make a hole into the sign, make 2 hole, so you can later put string through. If making an hole isn't an option or you don't want a hole, then use epoxy to either glue string directly onto the back of the sign once it is finished or to glue little metal hanger tabs through which you can tie string or a ribbon to. I would not use clay for that part of the sign at all. Clay is pretty fragile and a long and thin piece which might get banged around is asking for trouble.
Since this is your first-time with ceramics I will suggest doing a second piece by rolling out a slab and cutting out a shape of the door hanger 12 percent bigger than desired Clay shrinks in drying and firing -12 percent is an average amount The answer about roughing out the piece to be joined and applying slip mixed with paper fibers is also a good way to go ( I am one of the people that gave that answer a thumbs up) I have broken a lot of ceramic pieces - a lot of times it is easier to reclaim the clay and start over Before a piece is fired the clay can be softened by soaking in water to turn it into mud The mud then needs to be dried to a workable consistency then wedged. This is reclaiming clay

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