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Chevy 350 cam choice?

what would be a good all around cam for a chevy 350 bored .030 overI'm not really that worried about gas mileageIt already has a 276 Hydrolic Comp cam but i dont know if its a low end tourqe or high end tourqe cam and i'm not sure if i should re use it when i rebuild the engineBut all i know It has really big lopes and i like the hear of it haSo if anyone knows of a hard hitting cam that will give some all around hp let me knowOh and this motor is in an 1982 Chevy 2wd c10 with a turbo 350.


Without knowing what else has been done to your 350, your best bet would be to go to the web site of a good parts house like Summit racing or a cam company like Comp or Crane and talk to a tech repThe important thing to remember is that the bigger the cam is, the more mods you need to make to the rest of the engine, trans,and to the vehicle itselfA 276 degree cam is really fairly big for a street engine and a 292 would most likely be too much for a full size truck that sees any real time on the roadAlso, you want to stick with a hydraulic cam unless you really enjoy pulling the valve covers every week or two so that you can reset your valve lashIt's like they say How fast do ya wanna go and how much do ya wanna spend? Anything can be made to work, but, it can get expensive REAL fast! I'm building a 383 Chevy that will be going into an '85 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 for my daughter right now, and I've got over $3500 in it already just in parts, and, I'm still not done with it.

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