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Cleaning large area rugs?

How do I clean my large area rugs? I have hardwood floors and the rugs are covering different areas. Two are 4 x 7 rugs and the other is a 5 x 7 wool carpet. I don't want to harm the wood floors underneath with cleaners...


Although I have all of my large area rugs professionally cleaned once a year, I use the Resolve dry granulated carpet cleaner several times a year. Since it is dry, it doesn't saturate into the flooring below. You simply sprinkle it on the rug, agitate it into the fibers with the brush on a stick that comes with it and wait til it dries to vacuum it up. It leaves a nice scent, it isn't expensive and the gallon size should be enough to do all of your rugs a few times. I use it on my Tibetan wool and my silk area rugs without fear of damage. I also use it for spot cleaning on the rug under my dining room table and it takes out the stains with little effort.
Aug 23, 2017
Karen's answer will be ideal, only positioned it contained in the backyard and soak the crap out of it.. yet in case you do not have a backyard, the bath will do. positioned it in, positioned some detergent in, (and doubtless the salt to assist keep the dye from going everywhere) sleek it round lots and doubtless enable it soak, then drain and top off the bath till you experience it is rinsed.
Aug 23, 2017
you should get chem dry to come to your house and clean them for you. do a search on chem dry to see if there's a local service available.
Aug 23, 2017

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