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How much HP would a cold air intake increase my 2008 Mazda3 4 door sedan? And what cold air intake could I buy that will increase the most HP to my car?? ThanksSomeone with the most knowledge about cars please help!!!! Giving the best answer 10 points!!!!!


Don't let the name get in the way it works. The system you have on your car is a cold air intake. It get air from out side the engine compartment. You only need to up date the filler to a free flow filter to get max air. Any part house can match your filter to a free flow filter. System that do away with your air box and does not replace it. The filter is in the open and drairing heated air from the engine compart is not a cold air system. The only thing it has is a free flow filter in place of a paper filter. The free flow filter will cost more. But you don't hap to replace it. You can wash it out and reuse it over and over. You can gave up to five horse power. Depending on the engine and how well it is turn up. If you buy one of the system make sure it comes with cold box and connect to the tub for out side air. Or you will gain under three horse power depending on the engine.
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You explain to me what you're going to do with TWO cold air intakes? The factory has already installed one on your car. Remove the stock air filter and follow the path of the air manifolding coming into the standard cold air box. If you want to install a KN low restriction air filter in your present cold air box go for it. The problem with aftermarket cold air intake systems is there is no provision for water to drain like the stock manifolding inside the left front fender.
This is a VERY well query.I see plenty of those COLD air consumption tactics (on OKorder exceptionally) which might be not more than a colossal dip for your pockets. A actual bloodless air consumption will convey external air into your consumption tube, now not sizzling underneath hood air. Most of the auto brands do that bloodless air intaking by way of ducting into the wheel good. You will have obvious the commercials displaying not anything however a brief tube with a clear out at the finish drawing sizzling underneath hood air into your engine. What a wasteand feel approximately this while you see the sort ofif it does not convey in cooler external air in your inlet tube then it ain't a bloodless air consumption. Spend your cash wherein it's going to do a little well.a KN clear out for your inventory airbox is a well begin. It's now not the colossal stuff that offers you extra vigor (until you might have acquired Bill Gates $$) however the small matters that upload up. BTW, bloodless air is denser and involves extra oxygen molecules than an identical quantity of sizzling air, giving your extra vigor. Hope this is helping just a little.
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