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Cold Air Intake + V6 engine (n/a) ?

This for guys who have put a Cold Air Intake on a stock V6 non-supercharged and the question is, How much of a difference did you notice in acceleration after you put it on?PS: if it matters I have 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix V6 non supercharged


In the 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix you are running the 3.8L V-6 with a base of 200HP. If you are just replacing the existing cold air intake with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts you are not going to get enough to make a difference if any at all. But if this is an aftermarket bolt-on Performance cold air intake you could see an increase of HP around 15-25 HP depending on the replacement part. (KN have some of the best intakes.) You could notice a little improvement in the take off speed, but just like most bolt-on Performance parts it does not do much. If you keep adding different bolt-on Performance parts over time you will notice a big difference from when you were running OEM. BTW a good exhaust would be a Perfect match up with the intake and would improve the performance of both.
The best cold air intake that you can get is the factory cold air intake. Your intake all ready has duct work that gets its air from outside the engine compartment. The really funny part is that most aftermarket cold air intakes do not get there air from outside the engine compartment. They get there air from directly behind the radiator (one of the hottest places that they could possibly get air from) so they are really hot air intakes not cold. also the fancy aluminum pipe does not flow any better that a plastic pipe (it just looks better to some people). They do not give you any noticeable H.P. gains what so ever. Look at it this way if you completely remove the air filter and all the duct work going to it you may gain 2 or 3 horse power so how is putting a shinny pipe on it going to make it flow better than a completely unrestricted flow. does not make sense huh. All they do is cost you a bunch of money look shiny and make you car sound like it has a vacuum leak. So unless you just have to have that shiny metal pipe leave the air intake alone you will be sadly disappointed. Just run a good paper Wix filter it works just as good if not better as anything else.
If you put a true cold air intake on it then yes. You would prolly see around 5 hp give or take an hp. You will also get a little better throttle response. Nothing major. You might also see a bit better gas mileage. You won't gain over 5-6 horsepower with an all stock engine. If you had supporting mods, like a bigger throttle body, and ported intakes, and heads, with a better flowing exhaust. Then you added a cold air intake you would see maybe a 10-15 hp improvement, but not on a stock engine.

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