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Collegedoes it matter which one?

Ok, so I'm looking at my college options and I know I can get into any college GPA-wisebut the money is ridiculous and I don't want a huge atmosphere where your just a number because having an actual name motivates me and I work better in a small atmosphere.However, all of the small colleges (not small smalljust not like Harvard or Princeton) are recognized as being not prestigious while a major school isSo, after I graduate college will this deter my chances at getting a good jobI WANT TO BE A NEUROSURGEONpre-med schooli found many college options so far for pre-medbut when I do become a surgeon will the company or whoever hire a person from Brown in RIwhere I liveover a person from like from Elms college (couldn't think of any other college:-) ) THANKS!


Since I started working in the soap isle, you fool. I must set fire to the linens now, if you will excuse me.
yeah, I had exactly the same experience. It is a scam. I came up with an idea that had marginal marketability (a motorcycle glove with a built-in squirter for cleaning your helmet face shield). They said it was fabulous and they could help me develop it for just $5,000. Turns out there was already a product (easily found on the internet) that mounted a little squirt bottle to the dashboard of the bike with velcro and had a squeegee built into the bottle. It was handier, and less likely to tempt idiots into using it while in motion (I foresaw major lawsuits arising out of my great idea). ANd it had been around for several years. They pestered me for about two months trying to get money out of me, getting nastier and nastier when I declined to pay them for their help in marketing my instant lawsuit generator. In the end, I had to block their number and email addys to stop the harassment. That company, in particular, is a scam.

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