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connect ps3 to lcd monitor?

i have a BenQ 17'' lcd monitor, i think it has no HDCP, and i wanna connect my ps3 to it,the monitor just has one vga input, does'nt have dvi, what cable should i get, and i don't want a simple solution please, i already know how to get the sound, so i just want the video part, thanks in advance :)


in the journey that your show screen has audio equipment, then you rather in basic terms desire HDMI, if like me it does not, then connect it by ability of HDMI and such as you're saying purchase an audio adapter. (For me I surely have a television above my show screen (no longer HDMI), and plug the PS3 in it by ability of SCART.))
well first off i dont own a ps3 so excuse me with anything said wrong. anyway since u only have a vga port buy a vga to dvi adapter [here is a like to a bestbuy one bit.ly/eIJnIy] then buy a hdmi to dvi cable and connect . but since i assume your monitor is not HD i would buy a vga to composite [the red, white, and yellow cables] adapter found here: amzn.to/ePCNKN . what ever option u choose make sure to hook up sound
The only monitors that can be directely connected to a PS3 using a simple cable (no signal conversion) are those monitors equipped with either an HDMI port or an HDCP-compliant DVI port. If your monitor does not have either, you are out of luck. Sorry. And no, those component-to-VGA cables will NEVER work with the PS3.

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