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cool chairs? for teens? for room?

ok so where can i get a cool chair for my room. i dont want it to big or to small, or to much money. any ideas? websites? pbteen is to expensive. im a teen and i like bright colors. i was thinking like fuzzy colorful ones? help???


Look at the teens, kids, college dorm sections or just type in chairs and go on. Sears, Kmart, Kohls, Ikea, or BedBathAndBeyond, Good Luck!
Definitely gotta try IKEA Cool.. lorful...large selection...cheap...modern...all that.
target and container store i redid my entire room three times with these stores alone, theyre so great! good luck
walmart i got one from there that is purple it fuzzy and soft. also they are 30.oo they come in silver too they should look awsome in your room there also is one at limeted too for more money its very very very soft but id very prices i think its like 70.00 or more bombay kids have a lot of cool stuff like that but may not be the price you were looking for try places like target and walmart.
Try IKEA i got a really cool chair from there. Its awesome and they are pretty reasonable and they always have stuff in the as is section that is on sale.

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