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Corsair Dream Machine?

I'm going to build a Corsair Dream Machine with the folliwing and need to know what PSU to have.CPU: Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3770KGPU: 2x GTX 690's in quad SLIMoBo: Asus Z77 SabretoothRAM: 32GB Corsair DominatorCPU Cooler: Corsair H100Case: Corsair Obsidian 800DHDD: 4TB Hitachi SATA3 7200 driveDisc drive: Samsung Bluray and DVD rewriteWill a Corsair AX1200 PSU be sufficient for that build? Cheers.


I have one of those reflective sheets of plasticThey are used in a disasterIt will reflect most of your body heat, so is good if you should ever get stranded in a stormSounds like just what you need.
Two ideas come to mind1) plastic mirrors (like shower mirrors- glass would cetainly work but expensive and heavy) 2) Us silver or similar paint on clear sheet plasticJust a couple of thoughtsGriffedi
Depending on how much you need ,might use reflective mylar survival blankets sold in outdoor boating stores Aluminized plastic, don't think it is conductive, better checkThey are about 4' x 8' less than $10Otherwise search plastic films ,reflective mylar film
Will a Corsair AX1200 PSU be sufficient for that build? - Yes

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