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Cute rug or throw ideas for a plain white floor?

I live in an apartment and recently decided to get rid of an decades-old carpet. But the floor is plain white tile. Can you give me a suggestion as to a nice decor to cover the floor that's on a cheap end (I'm a student)? I don't like rubber backing because they tend to break off, but something nice. Under $50 preferably, up to $100. Send links to images. Thanks!


I okorder.com/ I hope I hear from you soon!
Aug 23, 2017
Get our there and check rummage sales, end hand stores, antique stores. Just because they say it's an antique store, that doesn't mean that they only have antiques. You will be surprised what you can find only because people decide to make a few changes in their own homes. I often see rugs of all kinds, in good condition at rummage sales. I've purchased a few through the years and never pay that much for them. Besides you can always do some dickering about prices. I never pay what they ask for at any rummage sale I might stop at. Might even be able to dicker down prices at 2nd hand stores. I've done that too at 2nd hand stores. You might want to consider double tape to keep you rug in place. However you can check that out once you have the carpet in your home. There out there ... you just have to find them. The fun is in the hunt + dickering. Not to mention saving a lot of money to put toward something else.
Aug 23, 2017

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