Damaged aeroplanes?

When a massive jet airliner makes an emergency landing at an airport and becomes badly damaged and has flat tyres and such and can't fly, how do they remove it?? They can't fly it out of there, they can't push it outhow is it moved?? is it repaired there?? How can they do that as the runway will be used for other planesThis is interesting.


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The correct answer is that they will bring in cranes and place the larger parts of the aircraft on flatbed trucksIt depends on the amount of damage but major damage will require the aircraft to be removed from the area and returned to a maintenance baseAll airlines have set up contract companies to help with this problem when it occursThe airlines will only tow the aircraft if they can do it and it's safeThe airlines do not have the resources or experience to remove aircraft from the crash siteWe do not use balloons.

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