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Delete Grub Loader?

i had once installed ubuntu 7.0 using the text only installer and i had the option to not install the grub loader. i decided i didnt like ubuntu and partitoned the hdd. but now i have ubuntu 8.04 and i didnt get the option to not install grub. i have 2 hdd's one with xp and the other wit ubuntu..the grub loader puts ubuntu as the first boot os i dont want that is there a way that i can get rid of grub and still be able to boot ubuntu or is there a way i can change the os line-up in grub to were it automaticly boots from windows after 10 seconds instead of ubuntu?


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First, the numerous guy or woman is a moron. the precedence is that properly you're loading the Grub boot loader rather of the living homestead homestead windows one. the conventional restoration is toss interior the living homestead homestead windows CD boot up and hit restore. that would desire to need to restoration it.

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