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DELL notebook power adapter can be universal?

I use the DELL 630m, its power adapter is 65W, 3.34A, because of the work I need to buy from Taobao, the results of the other side of the wrong product, gave me 90W, 4.62A, the other said that can be universal , But I worry that will affect the stability of the books, life and energy consumption, please tell me the real situation.


For the safety of your books or do not use the good.
Not the same, but the same series of the same, Ling Yue Inspiron, xps series, Latitude series, alien series, but the same series, every few years will replace the power line interface, the specific is not clear, as for power problems , Also note that the ranger of the 120-watt power supply should not be used in the ultra-pole of the 60-watt on the other, no other serious.

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