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Did they change my transmission fluid?

I paid the local Acura dealership to change my transmission fluid at 60K, however, I have had a couple of oil change franchises state that I still need to have this done. That showed me the fluid on the dipstick placed on a white towelette. It appeared to be a rusty brown with a hint of purple. I know that most automatic transmission fluids are pink to magenta in color. Did they just park my car in the rear and call me later in the day? How can I know if they have actually did the work that I paid for? I now have 68K on the Acura TL.


transmission fluid is redish brown after you have drove it even with fresh oil it does stay bright red but a day or two if you have had it change any time you done all you need really only needs it once or twice in a life time of one many auto companies say 60,000 100,000 miles or more before it needs it most likely they just want your money dont need it done but ever 10 yrs or so if any truth is most transmission will how last the motor even without changing it ive been driving over 40 yrs and ive own many a car and ive never replace trans fluid in any car and never had one go out from lack of it
Acura Tl Transmission Fluid
The Acura TL transmission holds about 7 quarts of fluid, when you drain it only about three quarts will drain out, to really get a fluid change you need to drain three quarts, re-fill it, drive the car for about ten minutes,cycling through all the gears, come back, drain three quarts, re-fill it, drive the car for about ten minutes, come back, drain three quarts, re-fill it, and then it will be about 95% changed. I doubt any dealer would actually go through the whole process. NEVER EVER have the TL transmission power flushed, it will cause more problems than the transmission ever had.

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