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Did you ever pull a false fire alarm?

I did that once. I was walking down the street with nothing to do, and this fixture standing onthe sidewalk said Pull for Fire I wanted to see a fire, so I opened it and pulled it the lever, wondering what would happen.. Nothing happened, so I strolled on.. I got about a block away, and four fire Engines with sirens blazing showed up, with all the men dressed their hats and uniform I got beaten for it, but really I didn't know what I was doing, and It said Pull for fire, so I did.


This is possibly the weirdest most randomly retarded questions i have ever seen on YA!. But: Some people will talk out loud, others won't. Sometimes i talk out loud when i am doing something i am not entirely sure of how to do may be the same for people trying to work fire alarms.
I asked this a couple weeks back and you were the only one who answered

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