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Difference in Kitchen Rug & Bathroom Rug?

I found a bath rug that is the perfect color for my kitchen but I don't know if it matters that it is a bath rug or not. What is the difference? And would it matter if it was in the kitchen?


The only tme it matters is IF the backing to the rug is latex AND it is going over a vinyl flooring that is light colored. Latex backing will turn the vinyl yellow over time and for some reason, it tends to happen more in the kitchen then in the bathroom. I had a latex backed rug in the bathroom for 10 years, but picked it up and hung it to dry after the last shower of the day. I had the same rug in the kitchen which I picked up and washed whenever it needed it, but it was on the floor continuously for most of the time. The same vinyl was in the kitchen that was in the bathroom and the kitchen vinyl yellowed while the bathroom did not. And, it also happened to several of my renters as well. One of my genuis tenants used a carpet pad underneath the one in the kitchen, she lived there for 6 years and that prevented it from happening to her...
Aug 23, 2017
Most rugs which are designed especially for use in the bathroom are quite plain, and are either made of cotton or chenille. The reason for this is that these types of rugs are far less susceptible to water damage than something like wool, and are more suitable for use in a bathroom. * Quality. A good quality rug will have strong edges that can withstand the high traffic area that is your kitchen. Kitchen rugs go through quite a bit even on a daily basis and the edges tend to get the brunt of everything. Kitchen area rugs that are made with quality in mind will have strong edges that will be resistant to fraying. Hope that helps you , Good luck.
Aug 23, 2017
I would say there should be no difference, just make sure you can wash it as accidents can happen in the kitchen.
Aug 23, 2017

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