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DIY Faux Fur Shag Rug?

Is it possible to make a shag rug for a bedroom out of that faux fur you see in fabric stores? If so, whats the best way to go about it? I was just going to get a yard or so and put some no-slip mat under it but maybe there are better ideas? Is there any reason this is a bad idea? Let me know.Thanks!


Certainly it's possible and not at all difficult. I don't condone even faux animal hides/shapes for rugs, but if you have it in mind just think of a shape and cut the fabric/shape, with a decent shear. The fabric sold as is,,,is designed as fabric, not carpet material and won't pull or shred like the weave of carpet often does when sheared. It's usually a Polyester, and matted on the back. I've used in for Theater, for years. It isn't strictly as durable as carpet material, but depending on its use and abuse it should be OK. Without knowing at all what animal or pattern you have in mind; a yard seems small; unless perhaps it's sold in 4/5/6 ft. widths? Certainly Joannes and other fabric stores carry varieties from bear type to Zebra, leopard, etc. Also the no slip is advised, but if you plan on having it in place for awhile there is also a mesh double sided tape specific to carpet that might work as well.
Aug 23, 2017
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Aug 23, 2017

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