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Do canals have slipways to launch and recover your own small boat?

Hi,Are there any canals, other than the very large shipping ones, that have slipways to enable you to launch and recover your own small boat for a day trip or is the assumption that your boat will always be on the canal for many months thus provision only of cranes and slings to launch and recover boats? The boat would be too heavy to lift and manhandle into the water let alone attempting to remove it complete with engine etc.Thanks


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Unless you are at a basin or turning point no they will not, they were not built for tourists in dingies they were built for the purpose of transporting goods in narrowboats pulled by horses both to the inland, and getting export goods to the coastIn the canal systems heyday the road network we have now did not exist! In most basins there are cranes capable of lifting your boat, they are also capable of lifting a 60 ft oak built narrow boat, so i doubt yours would be a problem!

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