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Do carpet tiles look good?

I need to carpet my whole house because there are extremely ugly tiles throughout the house. I cannot afford professional carpeting. I want to do it myself. My questions are: do carpet tiles look good? And approximately whats the price of carpet tiles, the amount for one regular size room?


Carpet tiles look fine. I'm in a commercial building where carpet tiles are used almost everywhere, and they look and function quite well. They also have the advantage that if damage occurs, or wear becomes too noticeable, the tiles can be pulled up and replaced. Prices vary a lot according to the design, depth of the pile, resistance to wear, etc.
Within the brief term, sure, they seem quite often the identical. But over time, you run the threat of getting the tiles broken in some way. And i don't care what you do, you are not able to make a brand new carpet rectangular seem like the encircling, older carpet. The new tile will stick out colossal time.

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