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Do crane flies bother people?

I have a crane fly in my room. I know they don't bite but do they bother people or tend to completely avoid them? I can't find it and I'm going to sleep soon.


Do Crane Flies Bite
I use an electric flyswatter to take out flying pests. For tonight, why not just put cotton in your ears to sleep? Most insects have very short lifespans, so it's not likely to keep bugging you (pun intended) for long!
This is a new one on me. It's bad enough we have the urban legend that the arachnid daddylonglegs is poisonous (it isn't), now we have the confusion extending to the insect also. Daddylonglegs as a name for a mosquito-like insect is a term used in Britain. What is called a daddylonglegs in the United States is the arachnid which is often mistaken for a spider. It can be distinguished from a spider by the fact that it does not have a narrow waist as a spider has. Also it has no venom glands. The confusion is further extended by the fact that there is a type of true spider which is sometimes called a daddylonglegs spider!. It is in the family Pholcidae and is more commonly called cellar spider.
ANY type of bug bothers me. Especially the creepy crawlies. *shudders*. I wouldn't go to sleep if i knew i had a type of bug in my room. I guess you'll have to deal with them. Sorry. Good luck finding it.
Crane flies are totally harmless. Many of them don't even mouthparts as adults. They don't feed on anything, living only to reproduce and then dying. They couldn't bite even if they wanted. In fact, they're so harmless that entomologists aren't even sure which larva goes with which adult. They are so insignificant in terms of economic impacts that there has been no incentive to even study that much of the taxonomy of the group. It might technically possible for someone who is completely insane to breathe in or swallow enough crane flies that they accidentally choke, but even that would take some serious bad luck and someone willing to snort or swallow hundreds, if not thousands of the flies. Some species of their larvae can create lumps underneath the sod, creating a minor annoyance for golf course keepers and people who want their lawn to look like a golf course. Other than that, they're about as harmless as it is possible for an organism to be.

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