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Do I have to reset my car alarm after a break in?

My driver‘s side window was smashed the other night. I‘m now baffled at how a car alarm is supposed to thwart theft if it can‘t prevent your windows from getting smashed in, but I digress. Anyway, $150 later, window is fixed but I think that the alarm has stopped working. It still turns on but doesn‘t go off when I try to open the door. Does it need to be reset? Btw, I HATE thieves who can‘t work for their own. If you‘re a thief, go kill yourself. Thanks for the help.


Sounds like a installation problem. If the same idiot that installed your car alarm was the one that installed my wife's car alarm, then this might be the problem. Audio and alarm techs don't always think like mechanics. Water, rust, vibration, corrosion and dirt are the enemy of wiring. Most wiring issues can be traced right back to the initial installation. Go to your car, open the hood and look at the siren, bull horn or whatever is suppose to make noise and look to see if they used open style butt connectors or any style of wiring connector that will allow the wires enemy to do their job. If that is the problem. then start cursing the bozo that did the install and be prepared to buy some heat shrink style connectors, a cigarette lighter and some band aids.

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