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Do I need a moisture barrier for our engineered wood floor install?

We are building a new home and are having engineered wood floors 1/2 thick and 5 wide installed in our living room and hallways, no wet areas. Our floor installer says he does not usually put a moisture under the wood floors and it has always worked out fine. I have read conflicting information regarding having the moisture barrier and not having it. I would appreciate any information or opinions.


The floor should come with a manufactures warranty they will only honor it if you follow the installation instructions don't skimp on the barrier if they say to use it
Although, being installed in a dry area, you'll have duct work and sweaty pipes throughout your walls and floors. A moisture barrier should always be used. 1 roll of rosin paper $10.00 covers 500 s.f. The contractor doesn't want to spend the money, you're paying to much for his service.
Wood Floor Vapor Barrier
If your installer is going over a standard, above grade ply wood sub floor , then he is right, no moisture barrier is needed. Slab or below grade is a different story. He should be putting down a red rosin paper or felt paper. This is almost mandatory. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar . I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed several thousand s/f on engineered wood. GL

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