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Do pallet expanders for braces hurt?

I have to get a palet expander so I can get braces my orthodontist said it doesnt hurt to much just some pressure. But I really want to know..does it hurt to get them on and to wear it? and if so, on a scale from 1-10 how bad? 1 being not much pain at all and 10 being terrible excruciating pain


bless you!! i had the pleasure of having this thing twice! it generally shouldn't hurt with gymnastics and acrobatics. the only way it would hurt is if you landed on it when your mouth was sore. eat soft food, like applesauce and pudding, etc. it's going to be REALLY weird and uncomfortable at first. i can honestly say that this thing was one of the most horrifying things in my life (sorry if this is going to make you nervous!). eating will be hard until you get used to it, and your speech is going to be different. the more you talk the more you get used to it. it's going to hurt when you turn it, but it does get better with time. hopefully this won't happen to you, but after a month or so there will be a gap starting to come between your front teeth. let's just say that was the worst part. if you have any questions, please email!! BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!
no it shouldn't hurt when u do ur gymnastics............i ate lots of pudding, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese............and its very weird feeling and u talk funny for a while but other than that u should be fine

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