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Do rugs help with shedding?

My horse is currently shedding, and i have a rug on him all the time, summer rug during the day, and a winter on at night.Does having a rug on help with shedding?Another question, my horse is shedding very little hair, i can tell he is shedding though, and when my pony sheds she loses a lot of hair from one groom, but my horse hasn't been losing much, will lots more gradually start coming off?


Hey, Well yes rugs do help with shedding there coats. There coats grow to there needs. So he may need more warmth then the pony. But it will come out as it needs to. Remember its a Natural thing so if its not shedding now it will with time. But yes rugs have help speed up the process in my horses. Anyway good luck and happy riding!!
Aug 23, 2017
A rug won't help. Best remedy is about an hour every few days with a shedding blade. You should take the rug off unless it's very cold. Especially if it's with other horses, it doesn't need a rug. My mare has never worn a rug in her life, and she only has two pasture mates. The way horses mostly shed is the hair comes off a little a first, then a whole lot. The more you groom, the faster and heavier the shedding.
Aug 23, 2017
Keeping the rug off, turning him out and letting him roll is the best way of helping the shedding. That's how they get rid of the hair naturally and is part of the reason that they roll. A shedding blade is great too! Is your other horse an older horse as you often find that they tend to hold onto their hair longer when they get older.
Aug 23, 2017

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